Music in life

The article that we’ve got is about a young girl for which music is the best thing on the whole world.
Music has a very huge influence on our lifes, mostly when we are young, becouse it creates our character.
This kind of entertainment is a way better than films, becouse you don’t have to know what is it about to enjoy it.
It can change your mood for better instantly or give you a great motivation to do something.
Music has a very big impact on people becouse it taps into their feelings and carries a story. These stories are very important for people, becouse each time they hear that one song, they have an opportunity to remind an important moments in their lifes connected with these songs.
Nowadays music means the same for people that it meant many years ago. It is used to having fun,dancing and spending your
spare time. Only thing that change is increase of music kinds, but music will always do what it should.
Authors: Huber Drzymalski, Kacper Murczkiewicz


Article is about Glastonbury. Big event who meet 180000 festival goers. The site of event is an enormous 8,5 miles in perimeter. That’s cost 230 £ but as soon as you drop your bags you realise why it’s all worth it.
The Festival is set in 900 beautiful acres of the Vale of Avalon. Said to be where King Arthur is burried. For five glorious days it becomes a magical world to which you can escape. You’ll be awash with music. There’s always something in which to take delight.
You can find yourself lost in the Healing Fields. You may find yourself on a blind date. You can also find yourself in a naked hot tube at the Rabbit Hole, but you need password to get in. There really are few rules. That feel of freedom is connecting people. At Glastonbury you’ll be witness most wonderful human interactions.
Author: Damian Gul

„Googlebox- true stories on TV”

This article is about reality program, which was a three- time Tv award winner. This series is very popular on British TV. People who are watching TV , watch people who are watching TV.


This’s an original and simple program with characters who can change or stay the same.
This weekly top picks of British TV- gives good and bad emotions, it’s the program about different people and their stories. There’re seven series, no signs of stopping soon.

In our opinion , it’s an interesting program, we can watch stories of another people that can make us laugh and cry.
Authors: Danusia Niedbał, Agata Narloch

FC Barcelona vs Sevilla FC: Double the pleasure! (2–0)

FC Barcelona pull off 2–0 extra time victory over Sevilla for their second domestic title of the season and 28th Copa del Rey of all-time.


Jordi Alba’s goal in the seventh minute of extra time capped a stunning turnaround of events and handed FC Barcelona a well-deserved 2–0 victory over Sevilla in the 2016 Copa del Rey final on Sunday night at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid.

Overall, the title is Barça’s fourth of the season.
An hour before Alba’s scored the eventual game-winner, though, the outlook was not as bright.
After dominating possession through the first 30 minutes of the final, FC Barcelona’s Javier Mascheranowere slapped with straight red card in the 36th minute for getting tangled up with Sevilla’s Kevin Gameiro as he raced in on goal.

Later, not long after the second half had gotten underway, Barça received a second shock, as Luis Suárezhad to leave the game with an injury after stretching just a bit too far to haul in a pass.
Tasked with a 22-metre free kick to essentially win the game, Messi somewhat awkwardly lobbed the ball over the wall before it was slapped over the bar by Sergio Rico.

Barcelona vs Sevilla

The Barça XI came out of the huddle looking as confident as they had all evening. If they were going to win this one they would have to do it like they did in last summer’s Super Cup — in extra time.
And that’s just what happened.

Retaking control of the game, Messi picked out Alba with a long pass and the speedy full-back hauled it in before flicking it past Sergio Rico for the game’s first score in the 97th minute.

On the ensuing play, and with the game, and the tournament, all but over, Messi found Neymar in the Sevilla area and the Brazilian slotted past Rico, touching off FC Barcelona’s second title celebration in the last eight days.

Retirees in music club

Retirees from Warsaw went to one of the most psychodelic clubs in London. They were dancin’ to 5 a.m., drinking only earl gray.

Known from dark rooms and good music (techno&dubstep), this place is visited only by persistent people. What brings those old people to this place?
Persistent fly to UK to meet their daughter, but visit in club was planned in Poland
70-years old people buy tickets for party called “WetYourSelf”


Robert Kubica

The person I admire is Robert Kubica. I remember when I saw his first race in Formula 1. That emotional race in Canada when he won the Grand Prix in Canada. I was so happy with my dad about his success.

He started racing when he was 6 years old. He is tall, 30 year-old-man, wearing some sorf of sports outfit and trainers. Kubica developed his love for all kinds of cars at the young age of four when he spotted a small off-road vehicle, powered by a 4 bhp (3.0 kW) petrol engine. Kubica was too young to start racing in the Polish Karting Championship as he was under the age of ten. When he entered the championship, he won six titles in three years. In 2006, Kubica became the official reserve driver for the BMW Sauber Formula One team. Later he changed team. Kubica moved to the Renault team for 2010.


I couldn’t believe when i heard about his crash. On 6 February 2011, Kubica was injured in a crash on the first stage of the Ronde di Andora rally. He was driving a Super 2000-specification Škoda Fabia in Testico when his car left the road at high speed and hit a crash barrier. He broke his right hand, elbow. That accident made the end of his career, because in Formula One racer in one match has to click about 10000 buttons. His right hand was completely broken. He can’t couldn’t do anything with his hand. He is a very strong person. He is still racing. Kubica’s recovery was dealt by another setback after he re-broke his right leg, when he reportedly slipped on ice near his home in Italy, on 11 January 2012. He remained out of competitive racing for most of 2012, but returned to compete in the Ronde Gomitolo Di Lana in a WRC car on 9 September. He won the rally, finishing one minute ahead of the second placed driver. He has a special car. I think his career in Formula One is finished but he takes part in car racing. He always shows smart and intelligent drive. One time he won race in Formula One with BMW car. BMW was that time a bad car. The best car was McLaren.
Robert Kubica is very strong person. He always shows good and smart drive. He showed that the impossible is possible. I love watching his races with my dad. He never gives up. People should learn from this person.

Melanie Brown (Mel B)

A few years ago I heard about the band ,,Spice gril”. Their songs fas caught my ear. When I was in elementary school I was their fan. Recently, I have discovered that one of the girl-Melanie Brown with this band changed a lot. She is British singer, actress, TV presenter and now also fitness trainer.

Melanie Brown (Mel B) is 41 years old, but she doesn’t loos as old as she is. She is black Australian, but she lives in England. She made a big, good impression on me. When I heard about her metamorphosis I didn’t believe. She lost weight- approximately 30 kg.


When she was fot the third time pregnant, she put on weight. She dicided to work over her body. She trained a lot and ate healthily. She persistently sought to order, she didn’t give up. She has strong will. Nowadays, she halps people to lose unnecessary kilos. She records 10 min training programms on different parts of the body for example: arms, legs. She also writes book about how to live healthily. She is very positive person and she motivates people to change. Thanks for her a lot off people all over the world became happier and fit.


She proved that hard work brings good results. I admire Mel B, because she is very strong and she doesn’t give up. I would like to meet her and talk about her change.

What is raw food diet ?


If you ever decided to start a diet you should know all the facts first. What is raw food diet? Tanya Maher a hostlic health coach and chef in a raw food restaurant in London explains why raw food is good to your body and and what kind of benefits you can expect from adding them to your diet. She explains that raf food is that has not been refined, canned or chemically processed, and has not been heated above 48C.
The problem with cooking food is that when we applying heat it destroys some of the natural enzymes in food, so the body overworks itself by having to produce more of its own enzymes, exhausting its energy. We don’t have to eat only raw things. Our meals just should include uncooked veg and unprocessed, whole foods wherever possible.

Sylwia Gaczorek

One evening while I was using the Internet , I saw a website of Sylvia Gaczorek. I was really impressed with her outfits, however I throught that she is another fashion bloger, a celebrity with a lot of fans. My opinion was wrong.

She is a short woman with long, blond hair. She likes black clothes and hats or caps. She is a hairdresser. She lives in Cracow.


One advantage of Sylvia is her kindness. She helps others, she helps refuges for animals- she gives them food. Sylvia takes part in different actions for example charity actions. She thinks about other people because when someone needs help, she is trying to help for example she publishes the post , she organises actions. She is honest and quiet -she thinks that all what she has , is thanks to her hard work. Also she lives healthy(plays Sport and eats healthy).


The downside of Sylvia is sometimes her naivety. Sometimes she trusts too much people. This causes that some people hurt her.

Many people think that Sylvia is different than in real. They believe that her life is ,,simple”- she has all she wants, because she has for example rich parents. However, I have to point out that she must work hard for a lot of hours. I am really impressed by her hardworking. Also she is a great person with big heart. I have a lot of respect for her job- both in hairdressing and in leading a fashion blog. It made me aware that it is worth fighting for our dreams, because with hard work we can achieve all. I am hoping to meet with Sylvia and I thank her for inspiration.

Murphy Troy

Murphy Troy is the one of the best players in Lotos Trefl Gdańsk. Murphy plays on the opposite position. He’s from the USA and he’s 27 years old.

Many times I saw his matches in a club or in national team. Murphy is very tall and muscular with short, blond hair. Firstly, I thought that he had fallen in love with himself and he was very nervous.

murphy troy

I was wrong. After his match I went to him for an autograph and we were talking. Just at the beginning of conversation he seemed to be nice. Murphy was very friendly and funny. He was joking a lot. As one of few players Murphy stood to was standing till the end. During the conversation I got to know a lot about his life. He married beautiful girl from the USA and they are planning to have two sweet children but first he wants to concentrate on his career. I even took a photo with him.

After this meeting I couldn’t believe that I was talking with Murphy Troy! Now he is my favourite volleyball player. In my opinion, Murphy is one of the most friendly sportsman in Lotos. I hope that I will see him not only on TV but also in real life.