Something about us- Weronika


Yo! My name is Weronika and I’m sixteen. I go to class 1A and I’m glad that I can be a part of this blog.

Now I should say something about myself…

Well, I am all about art. I love to draw, I have been doing this since I got my first own crayons (about fifteen years ago, yeah!). Actually I go to ŻOK to take arts classes. I would love to work with art and I want to go to ASP in Gdańsk – it’s kind of a dream.

I also like to sing very much. And I also take the classes in  ŻOK. I don’t think that I’m amazingly talented in this way, I just like to sing. Although it’s really hard for me to sing in front of a bigger audience.

Music has somehow addicted me to itself. It’s just like I can’t spend a day without even one song listened. It’s like oxygen for me.

My favourite kind of music? I don’t have one. I like to listen rock songs, r&b, pop, soul, jazz, dubstep, trap, hip hop… In fact there is only one kind of music that I hate and my ears and heart’s bleeding when I hear it… It’s disco polo. Seriousely, if you want me to suffer, just play disco polo near me.

I am totally into Asia – especially South Korea. I like everything about the country – its music, fasion, culture, language and people. I try to learn korean, but it’s hard to find much free time.

Another hobby of mine is to write stories. I have my own tumblr blog, where I and my two friends are publishing our fanfiction. The stories are in English and about my two favourite korean boy bands, GOT7 and BTS.

I am unique person. I’m shy and mostly don’t talk much, but I have these days when everything is killing me and then I can be really mean. Although I try to be nice…  My friends often tell me that I’m weird, or just different. I never do what my peers do, maybe that’s the reason.

Yeah. So I think that’s all you should know about me. Bless ya all!