Robert Kubica

The person I admire is Robert Kubica. I remember when I saw his first race in Formula 1. That emotional race in Canada when he won the Grand Prix in Canada. I was so happy with my dad about his success.

He started racing when he was 6 years old. He is tall, 30 year-old-man, wearing some sorf of sports outfit and trainers. Kubica developed his love for all kinds of cars at the young age of four when he spotted a small off-road vehicle, powered by a 4 bhp (3.0 kW) petrol engine. Kubica was too young to start racing in the Polish Karting Championship as he was under the age of ten. When he entered the championship, he won six titles in three years. In 2006, Kubica became the official reserve driver for the BMW Sauber Formula One team. Later he changed team. Kubica moved to the Renault team for 2010.


I couldn’t believe when i heard about his crash. On 6 February 2011, Kubica was injured in a crash on the first stage of the Ronde di Andora rally. He was driving a Super 2000-specification Škoda Fabia in Testico when his car left the road at high speed and hit a crash barrier. He broke his right hand, elbow. That accident made the end of his career, because in Formula One racer in one match has to click about 10000 buttons. His right hand was completely broken. He can’t couldn’t do anything with his hand. He is a very strong person. He is still racing. Kubica’s recovery was dealt by another setback after he re-broke his right leg, when he reportedly slipped on ice near his home in Italy, on 11 January 2012. He remained out of competitive racing for most of 2012, but returned to compete in the Ronde Gomitolo Di Lana in a WRC car on 9 September. He won the rally, finishing one minute ahead of the second placed driver. He has a special car. I think his career in Formula One is finished but he takes part in car racing. He always shows smart and intelligent drive. One time he won race in Formula One with BMW car. BMW was that time a bad car. The best car was McLaren.
Robert Kubica is very strong person. He always shows good and smart drive. He showed that the impossible is possible. I love watching his races with my dad. He never gives up. People should learn from this person.


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