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Expressing opinions…continuation

“I’m no good at learning languages- is this a matter of attitude or lacking the ability?”

I think that attitude is most important thing because it depends on your engamenent in learning in your own way except school. Except school we should still practise. I don’t mean exercise but something like crossover fun and also learning. In my opinion teacher is really important. The attitude to student and his language. Ability is important, but not than much like other things. It can help, but it’s not neccesary.

Kamil Klejna

In my opinion, some people say that they are no good at learning languages, because they don’t have motivation. I think that people can learn everything, but they have to want it. There are many ways to learn, people just have to find their way.

Julia Kusio

In my opinion its both of this, because if I’m very bad in studying language, I can go to some private teachers who will teach me or give oppurtunity to start studying on my own. ‘’If I want this, I can do this”. On the internet there are a lot of e-courses. They are the best of free ways to study on our own. Also very important is to study vocobulary.

Mikołaj Miniewicz

I think this is just an attitude, because when someone wants to learn something he simply just can do it. Maybe it will be longer and harder, but we just need to try.

Agata Narloch

I think that some people just have ability to easier learning foreign languages. Also some people just don’t want to learn other languages. Some have easier but every can at least learn.

Tymon Samagalski

I think that everybody can learn foreign language if you only want most people have predisposition to learn language, but this doesn’t mean that others can’t learn.

Wiktoria Czapiewska

I think people’ve saying: “I’m not good at learning languages” because this is just a question of attitude. People don’t want to learn bacause that is too much. You must know all vocabulary, grammar and more. People think they can speak foreign languages in 3 days but you must spend much more time on this (yare, maybe more).

Damian Gul

I think it’s just a question of attitude because when someone wants to learn other language then he or she finds a way to learn it well. When someone doesn’t care about it then he will never learn this lanhuage.

Daria Litwin

When one person says: ‘’I’m no good at learning languages”, I think it is a question of attitude, bacause when someone really wants to learn and speak some kind of language then this person can do it. It is a saying: “If you really want, you can do it”.

Nikola Kleszcz

Expressing opinions

During one of our English classes I asked students to express their opinions about the topic connected with the issue we were discussing “I’m no good at learning languages- is this a matter of attitude or lacking the ability?”


Here are some of the students’ answers:

I think it depends on the attitude to the language and also lacking the ability. Both can be a great problem. Although – on the other hand if there is a person, who realy wants to know the language, not because someone tells him to do, but because the person wants to do it himself – this person will be able to speak the language well someday.

Weronika Ligęza

 I think that is a question of attitude. People don’t want to learn language because in the past they might have had bad teacher or they just have too many things on start. People also don’t want to spend much time on learning language but they have to spend on this many years to learn language very well. In my opinion people can’t born lacking ability because we acquire these abilities after some time.

Marcin Kuchta

 I think that is a question of attitude. When someone wants to learn languages, he/she can learn it. It depends on our personality. Some people say “I don’t understand”. It’s the easiest way to get rid of the problem. We have to have strong will.

Kasia Kloc

 In my opinion, people who say “I’m no good at learning languages” maybe have less attitude and they think learning new languages is too hard. I think that people should spend more time on private lesson if they want to learn new languages. I think all is possible.

Kamil Traczuk

 I think people say “I’m not good at learning languages”, because some people have bad experience with foreign languages and they don’t know some vocabulary. Many people have also bad teacher in school, who doesn’t teach well.

Roksana Jarska

 I think the most important is our attitude to this language, and way in which we’ve learning. We might be less eager to learning to bad teacher or experience, but someone really wants to learn foreign languages shouldn’t care about it, just keep going. In my opinion, there isn’t person, who is born with lack of abilities to learn, it depends on our will. Sometimes our parents just don’t agree for addictional lessons of our favourite language because of luck of money, and it’s sad because it doesn’t depend from us, just fate.

Hubert Drzymalski

Some people say “I’m not good at learning languages”. A lot of people are born lacking the ability to learn new languages. Many people don’t like learning new languages and don’t do it.

Ola Frąckiewicz

I think that there could be a lot of sources of this problem. In some situations people are born without ability to learn new languages, and because of that they are unable to learn it, no matter how hard they will try. In my opinion, a person who gave this question has the same problem like in my previous sentences. It’s really hard to live with it, but in some cases, people can get by this problem with help of special teachers and special kids of getting new knowledge.

Kacper Murczkiewicz

I think that some people say that: ‘’I’m not good at languages’’ because they have a bad experience and it causes that we can’t learn new languages. They think that they aren’t learning and they can’t learn next. They do not really want to learn languages and they are born lacking the ability. Good options are talking with people who know languages in a group.

Daniusia Nedbał

„How you can get experience in education?”

In this article I’m going to tell you about my experience with children from primary school who are weak in education. The other thing I would like to tell you is my opinion about experience you can get during learning.

I’ve just finished my work placement week in primary school where I was helping children with education. During the whole week I was some kind of helper for children.

What does it mean? It means that when children had problem with education or just had some questions, they came to me for answers and I had to help them as good as I could. This job was really interesting and gave me a lot of usefull information that I could use in my future job.

The other important thing is getting experience during learning. It’s really simple and usefull abillity. For example when you learn to biology test, you improve your memory and your knowledge about the world. So when you learn a lot, you remember everything faster and you can solve problems easily.

To conclude, the abillity of learning is really important nowadays. It’s very simple but it gives you incredible advantage in school and in social life. So we should listen to our teachers in school and read a lot of books.

Kacper Murczkiewicz, 1c