Intel Extreme Masters 2016

From 4th to 7th March in Spodek, Katowice has been held the biggest gaming event all over the world.


People who came there could see the latest computer and gaming device.
The biggest thing that people came there were world championship organized by ESL ONE. Teams from 12 countries form all over the world came to Katowice to fight for 100 000$ and the title of ESL ONE champion.


On Friday teams were competing for getting into quarterfinals. Unfortunately, Polish team didn’t get into semifinals and a big final.In the final Swedish vied against Brazilian team but finally, after many hours of fierce fighting, Swedish team won  3-0 against Brazilian and won 100 000$ and ESL ONE champion title.

Marcin Kuchta

Volleyball in Poland

National sport in Poland is football, but more achievements we get in volleyball, so we  decided to write about this sport. For the first time Poland were world champion in 1974. For 40 years Poland men’s team was close to victory.

In 2014 our team won Volleyball World Championship again. For those 40 years we have achieved lots of successes:

-Gold on Olympic Games (1976)

-Silver on World Championship (2006)

-Gold on European Championship (2009)     and many more.


In our school there’s also a volleyball team, but it’s girls’ team. We’re taking part in competition where we’re competing with other cities from the seaside. We have lots of achievements.


Fast Food – Good Or Bad Idea?

In  our country there are a lot of places where we can eat unhealthy food. Every single year people eat more and more fast food and this causes bad frame of mind. Health of these people is getting worse because they don’t want to do any sport exercises.

    Places like Mc Donald are very popular all over the world, the most in the USA. They have many profits because we don’t have to spend a lot of money on this food. Fast food is very delicious but it has a lot of calories and this food contains in a lot of garbage. In these places teenagers can meet together when it’s cold but not only.

    Finally, unhealthy food is tasty but it damages our organism. We can eat this kind of food but not often.

Daria Litwin, Ola Frąckiewicz, Mikołaj Miniewicz, Daniel Rekiel