Sylwia Gaczorek

One evening while I was using the Internet , I saw a website of Sylvia Gaczorek. I was really impressed with her outfits, however I throught that she is another fashion bloger, a celebrity with a lot of fans. My opinion was wrong.

She is a short woman with long, blond hair. She likes black clothes and hats or caps. She is a hairdresser. She lives in Cracow.


One advantage of Sylvia is her kindness. She helps others, she helps refuges for animals- she gives them food. Sylvia takes part in different actions for example charity actions. She thinks about other people because when someone needs help, she is trying to help for example she publishes the post , she organises actions. She is honest and quiet -she thinks that all what she has , is thanks to her hard work. Also she lives healthy(plays Sport and eats healthy).


The downside of Sylvia is sometimes her naivety. Sometimes she trusts too much people. This causes that some people hurt her.

Many people think that Sylvia is different than in real. They believe that her life is ,,simple”- she has all she wants, because she has for example rich parents. However, I have to point out that she must work hard for a lot of hours. I am really impressed by her hardworking. Also she is a great person with big heart. I have a lot of respect for her job- both in hairdressing and in leading a fashion blog. It made me aware that it is worth fighting for our dreams, because with hard work we can achieve all. I am hoping to meet with Sylvia and I thank her for inspiration.


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