Music in life

The article that we’ve got is about a young girl for which music is the best thing on the whole world.
Music has a very huge influence on our lifes, mostly when we are young, becouse it creates our character.
This kind of entertainment is a way better than films, becouse you don’t have to know what is it about to enjoy it.
It can change your mood for better instantly or give you a great motivation to do something.
Music has a very big impact on people becouse it taps into their feelings and carries a story. These stories are very important for people, becouse each time they hear that one song, they have an opportunity to remind an important moments in their lifes connected with these songs.
Nowadays music means the same for people that it meant many years ago. It is used to having fun,dancing and spending your
spare time. Only thing that change is increase of music kinds, but music will always do what it should.
Authors: Huber Drzymalski, Kacper Murczkiewicz


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