Murphy Troy

Murphy Troy is the one of the best players in Lotos Trefl Gdańsk. Murphy plays on the opposite position. He’s from the USA and he’s 27 years old.

Many times I saw his matches in a club or in national team. Murphy is very tall and muscular with short, blond hair. Firstly, I thought that he had fallen in love with himself and he was very nervous.

murphy troy

I was wrong. After his match I went to him for an autograph and we were talking. Just at the beginning of conversation he seemed to be nice. Murphy was very friendly and funny. He was joking a lot. As one of few players Murphy stood to was standing till the end. During the conversation I got to know a lot about his life. He married beautiful girl from the USA and they are planning to have two sweet children but first he wants to concentrate on his career. I even took a photo with him.

After this meeting I couldn’t believe that I was talking with Murphy Troy! Now he is my favourite volleyball player. In my opinion, Murphy is one of the most friendly sportsman in Lotos. I hope that I will see him not only on TV but also in real life.


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