Article is about Glastonbury. Big event who meet 180000 festival goers. The site of event is an enormous 8,5 miles in perimeter. That’s cost 230 £ but as soon as you drop your bags you realise why it’s all worth it.
The Festival is set in 900 beautiful acres of the Vale of Avalon. Said to be where King Arthur is burried. For five glorious days it becomes a magical world to which you can escape. You’ll be awash with music. There’s always something in which to take delight.
You can find yourself lost in the Healing Fields. You may find yourself on a blind date. You can also find yourself in a naked hot tube at the Rabbit Hole, but you need password to get in. There really are few rules. That feel of freedom is connecting people. At Glastonbury you’ll be witness most wonderful human interactions.
Author: Damian Gul


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