Melanie Brown (Mel B)

A few years ago I heard about the band ,,Spice gril”. Their songs fas caught my ear. When I was in elementary school I was their fan. Recently, I have discovered that one of the girl-Melanie Brown with this band changed a lot. She is British singer, actress, TV presenter and now also fitness trainer.

Melanie Brown (Mel B) is 41 years old, but she doesn’t loos as old as she is. She is black Australian, but she lives in England. She made a big, good impression on me. When I heard about her metamorphosis I didn’t believe. She lost weight- approximately 30 kg.


When she was fot the third time pregnant, she put on weight. She dicided to work over her body. She trained a lot and ate healthily. She persistently sought to order, she didn’t give up. She has strong will. Nowadays, she halps people to lose unnecessary kilos. She records 10 min training programms on different parts of the body for example: arms, legs. She also writes book about how to live healthily. She is very positive person and she motivates people to change. Thanks for her a lot off people all over the world became happier and fit.


She proved that hard work brings good results. I admire Mel B, because she is very strong and she doesn’t give up. I would like to meet her and talk about her change.


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