What is raw food diet ?


If you ever decided to start a diet you should know all the facts first. What is raw food diet? Tanya Maher a hostlic health coach and chef in a raw food restaurant in London explains why raw food is good to your body and and what kind of benefits you can expect from adding them to your diet. She explains that raf food is that has not been refined, canned or chemically processed, and has not been heated above 48C.
The problem with cooking food is that when we applying heat it destroys some of the natural enzymes in food, so the body overworks itself by having to produce more of its own enzymes, exhausting its energy. We don’t have to eat only raw things. Our meals just should include uncooked veg and unprocessed, whole foods wherever possible.

Sylwia Gaczorek

One evening while I was using the Internet , I saw a website of Sylvia Gaczorek. I was really impressed with her outfits, however I throught that she is another fashion bloger, a celebrity with a lot of fans. My opinion was wrong.

She is a short woman with long, blond hair. She likes black clothes and hats or caps. She is a hairdresser. She lives in Cracow.


One advantage of Sylvia is her kindness. She helps others, she helps refuges for animals- she gives them food. Sylvia takes part in different actions for example charity actions. She thinks about other people because when someone needs help, she is trying to help for example she publishes the post , she organises actions. She is honest and quiet -she thinks that all what she has , is thanks to her hard work. Also she lives healthy(plays Sport and eats healthy).


The downside of Sylvia is sometimes her naivety. Sometimes she trusts too much people. This causes that some people hurt her.

Many people think that Sylvia is different than in real. They believe that her life is ,,simple”- she has all she wants, because she has for example rich parents. However, I have to point out that she must work hard for a lot of hours. I am really impressed by her hardworking. Also she is a great person with big heart. I have a lot of respect for her job- both in hairdressing and in leading a fashion blog. It made me aware that it is worth fighting for our dreams, because with hard work we can achieve all. I am hoping to meet with Sylvia and I thank her for inspiration.

Murphy Troy

Murphy Troy is the one of the best players in Lotos Trefl Gdańsk. Murphy plays on the opposite position. He’s from the USA and he’s 27 years old.

Many times I saw his matches in a club or in national team. Murphy is very tall and muscular with short, blond hair. Firstly, I thought that he had fallen in love with himself and he was very nervous.

murphy troy

I was wrong. After his match I went to him for an autograph and we were talking. Just at the beginning of conversation he seemed to be nice. Murphy was very friendly and funny. He was joking a lot. As one of few players Murphy stood to was standing till the end. During the conversation I got to know a lot about his life. He married beautiful girl from the USA and they are planning to have two sweet children but first he wants to concentrate on his career. I even took a photo with him.

After this meeting I couldn’t believe that I was talking with Murphy Troy! Now he is my favourite volleyball player. In my opinion, Murphy is one of the most friendly sportsman in Lotos. I hope that I will see him not only on TV but also in real life.

Karol Kłos

The person I really admire is Karol Kłos.He is just 27 years old. He was born on 8 August 1989 in Warszawa.He is a Polisch volleyball player, now he plays in PGE Skra Bełchatów.Kłos moved to PGE Skra Bełchatów in 2010.On May 6, 2015 he won with his team bronze medal of Polish Championship. He plays as a middle blocker.

Karol certainly looks like a volleyball player. He is 2.01m tall.Its His range jump shot for the attack is as high as 357cm,and the block 326cm. Karol has got short dark blonde hair and brown eyes.He is good-looking and handsome. He plays really well and commits few mistakes.karol kłos

He also has a great personality and character.He is always happy and smiling.He never gives up,that’s why he achieved success.He always has for to target which put itself and just for that Karol plays very well and he does little bugs.He is very smart and clever, because it is often used in a game of volleyball.

As previously mentioned, I most admire Karol Kłos both as a volleyball player and as a person.His generosity and dedication to many good causes indicate that he cares about others and is an open-minded man. I would very much to really like to talk to him and maybe one day this dream will come true.

„Easter traditions”

Every year, in March or April we celebrate Easter. This is a celebration , which affect a the Christian religion. Is related with dealth and passion of Jesus Christ and him resurrection.

The most important symbols this holiday is Easter palm, Easter eggs, sugar lamb, rabbit and cuckooflower. Easter palm- the Large Week begin in Palm Sunday. Then we go with palm in the Church. It symbolizes entry Jesus in Jerusalem. Easter lamb- this means a dealth and passion Christ. Easter eggs – mean prosperity and the victory of light over darkness. Rabbit bears polite childrens presents. Cuckooflower means a health and life.


Great Week prepares people to Large Sunday- the day, when Jesus woke. At the beginning is a Palm Sunday, after is Great Thursday- this day begins a Paschal Triduum. Next is Large Friday, this day Jesus Christ died on the cross. Also this day are organisation Stations of the Cross.
In the Great Saturday we waiting on resurrection. Also we go to Church to devote Easter food. Great Sunday we celebrate wake Christ. This is very happy day, all celebrate and eat Easter breakfast. In Easter Monday all dousing the water.

On Easter table is located a lot of food. We eat a lot of meats and cakes. That’s all cause that this fete is excellent. This is the most important holiday for a Christian religion.

Intel Extreme Masters 2016

From 4th to 7th March in Spodek, Katowice has been held the biggest gaming event all over the world.


People who came there could see the latest computer and gaming device.
The biggest thing that people came there were world championship organized by ESL ONE. Teams from 12 countries form all over the world came to Katowice to fight for 100 000$ and the title of ESL ONE champion.


On Friday teams were competing for getting into quarterfinals. Unfortunately, Polish team didn’t get into semifinals and a big final.In the final Swedish vied against Brazilian team but finally, after many hours of fierce fighting, Swedish team won  3-0 against Brazilian and won 100 000$ and ESL ONE champion title.

Marcin Kuchta

Volleyball in Poland

National sport in Poland is football, but more achievements we get in volleyball, so we  decided to write about this sport. For the first time Poland were world champion in 1974. For 40 years Poland men’s team was close to victory.


In 2014 our team won Volleyball World Championship again. For those 40 years we have achieved lots of successes:

-Gold on Olympic Games (1976)

-Silver on World Championship (2006)

-Gold on European Championship (2009)     and many more.


In our school there’s also a volleyball team, but it’s girls’ team. We’re taking part in competition where we’re competing with other cities from the seaside. We have lots of achievements.


Fast Food – Good Or Bad Idea?

In  our country there are a lot of places where we can eat unhealthy food. Every single year people eat more and more fast food and this causes bad frame of mind. Health of these people is getting worse because they don’t want to do any sport exercises.

    Places like Mc Donald are very popular all over the world, the most in the USA. They have many profits because we don’t have to spend a lot of money on this food. Fast food is very delicious but it has a lot of calories and this food contains in a lot of garbage. In these places teenagers can meet together when it’s cold but not only.

    Finally, unhealthy food is tasty but it damages our organism. We can eat this kind of food but not often.

Daria Litwin, Ola Frąckiewicz, Mikołaj Miniewicz, Daniel Rekiel

I’m a new teacher!

Last Sunday I finished my practice where I was teaching worse students from elementary school.


My job depended on teaching younger than me students. I was talking with them about history and I was surprised because it turned out that they know about some development. Our work was very intensive and students were very active, well I had some bad kids who didn’t want to talk with me but I was aware of that. Our work rest on talking but not only. We did a lot of posters about 11 of November or history of kings in Poland. On the last day I did a questionnaire where students wrote me what they think about this kind of lessons and they showed me their opinion about perfect teacher.
To sum up, this kind of practise was very interesting. Actually teacher with big experience can show funnier and more interesting activities but I think that it wasn’t so bad. When I was teaching them I got more experience. After this practise I think it will be easier for me to find a good job in the future.

Daria Litwin