I’m a new teacher!

Last Sunday I finished my practice where I was teaching worse students from elementary school.


My job depended on teaching younger than me students. I was talking with them about history and I was surprised because it turned out that they know about some development. Our work was very intensive and students were very active, well I had some bad kids who didn’t want to talk with me but I was aware of that. Our work rest on talking but not only. We did a lot of posters about 11 of November or history of kings in Poland. On the last day I did a questionnaire where students wrote me what they think about this kind of lessons and they showed me their opinion about perfect teacher.
To sum up, this kind of practise was very interesting. Actually teacher with big experience can show funnier and more interesting activities but I think that it wasn’t so bad. When I was teaching them I got more experience. After this practise I think it will be easier for me to find a good job in the future.

Daria Litwin